Our adoption experience

I originally started a blog a few months ago that was focused on adoption policies and issues. I became sort of an advocate for adoption when my husband (J) and I started the adoption process several years ago. We now have a 5-year-old daughter (BE) and a two-year-old son (BC).

Even though I’m not one to share personal details with many people, I had to accept the fact that most blogs are personal. They are about the author, and that is why their friends and family read. And, if the blog happens to become more widely accepted, strangers read because people like to read about other people. So, I decided to switch focus.

I’ve read a lot of adoption blogs, and they are typically one of two types. One type is written by adoptive parents who are eager to espouse the virtues of adoption. The other type is written by birth parents or adoptees who are critical of the adoption system. But, I think more valuable than either of those two is a complete picture of the adoption experience. I want to share the highs and lows that we have faced (and will face) as we form our family. I’ll start sharing our weekly struggles and successes later this month in honor of National Adoption Month. I hope you’ll share your comments.


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