Week 1

Technically, this should be week 49, because our kids came to live with us in December 2009. It’s been nearly a year since we started living as a family. But, for these purposes, it seems simpler to begin with 1.

BE: The highlight of the week happened when we went to the playground on Saturday. (Somehow, the kids don’t seem to mind playing at the park in November, even though we live in the midwest, and it’s already pretty cold). But, I was watching BE play with another girl on the playground, who was probably a few years older than her. I started remembering that when we first started to take BE to the park – probably a year a half ago now – she used to try to play with toddlers – children that couldn’t really talk yet. BE could never understand why they wouldn’t talk to her and interact with her. I tried to explain to her that she needed to play with children a little bit older. Now, she seems to have no problem understanding who her peers are and seeking them out. This might seem trivial, but, it reminds me that BE is making progress in her maturity.

BE: The low this week was her accidents. She has accidents at night quite often, but this week it was almost every night and even sometimes during the day. When we ask her about it, she always says she doesn’t know why it happens. Of course, she’s only five, so what else could I expect? It’s frustrating because we never really know what’s going on in her head.

BC: The other day, BC said to me “thank you mama.” I said, “thank you for what?” He replied “mama loves me.” It was very cute.

BC: Yesterday, BC had a big tantrum day. I think he spent 30 minutes having a fit because he had to take turns on the play structure. It’s also hard with him since we don’t know if he has these fits because he’s two, or because he’s having a hard time.

The family highlight of the week goes out to Aunt L. She picked BE up from school on Wednesday and took her out to dinner. BE felt so special.

BE and BC playing in the leaves


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