One bibliophile and counting

I’ve always been a big book lover, and thanks to the PBS program Arthur, BE has learned a new word to describe me – bibliophile. In fact, she’s quite proud that she knows such a big word.

Recently, I’ve developed high hopes of adding her to the bibliophile ranks. She’s always enjoyed story time,  but mostly it’s been because she loves attention, not necessarily books. She really struggled with learning to read in kindergarten, but then she took off in first and second grade and she’s currently reading at a third grade level. Now, I often see her with books and a flashlight at bed time. Recently, she brought home a book order form, the same kind that I used to bring home in elementary school. She had a hard time deciding on which books to pick and she’s been asking me almost everyday when her books will get here. We may eventually have two bibliophiles in the house!

Book order form


2 thoughts on “One bibliophile and counting

  1. I get nearly as excited as Mea when the book order sheets get sent home from school. I always loved the day the orders came in, and I was sent home with new books!

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