Our Story

My husband (J) and I are adoptive parents of a 9-year-old girl (BE) and a 6-year-old boy (BC). They are biological siblings and have been living with us since they were 4 and 20 months. Prior to that, they were wards of the state and had been placed in foster care. We celebrated adoption day on June 25, 2010. For even more information about our adoption, read this post. Or, watch my talk at the Secret Society of Twisted Storytellers.

This blog also became about raising children in the city of Detroit when we moved here in August 2012. If you’re interested in Detroit, please read the posts in my “Family in the City” category.

The name of this blog refers to the fact that although I believe God gives us enough grace to make it through trying circumstances, sometimes I feel that he has given me barely enough.


4 thoughts on “Our Story

  1. Hi! We are just about done with our foster parenting classes and are *hopefully* about to become licensed. I was desperate to find a positive spin on fostering and waaahlaaaah! Your blog (via dontwelookalike.com) manifested in my dreams. Thank you!!! Love your attitude and realism. You are a blessing to me and my hubby!

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