Our Family and Friends

Me – Shannon

J – my husband of 9 years

BE – my 9-year-old daughter

BC – my 6-year-old son

Grandma G – my mother

Aunt LM – my sister

RB – our family therapist

Aunt S – BE and BC’s biological aunt

Cousins D and M – BE and BC’s biological cousins

Grandpa C – my father


3 thoughts on “Our Family and Friends

  1. Sondra Tackett says:

    I feel very sad your father was not included in Our Family and Friends. Family is the most precious gift in our lives.

    • Hi Sondra – a major oversight! Thanks for letting me know – I’ll make sure it gets fixed. We missed you at the kids’ birthday party – they kept asking about you.

      • Sondra says:

        Hi Shannon, Wish I could have been there for the kids birthday parties. Your children are truly blessed. Thank you for your understanding. Take Care.

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