BC’s 6th Birthday

BC had his 6th birthday earlier this month. I keep thinking about when first we met him, he was just over a year old and still learning to walk. He’s still as fearless as he was back then. Earlier this month he delivered a monologue at a school program and the audience loved him – check out the video (I apologize for the dark images – I tried to distort the video because I generally don’t share photos of the kids publicly)¬†http://youtu.be/lSFEwc3Lw8A.



I always make my kids write thank you notes for the gifts they receive, usually for Christmas and birthdays. BE just had her 9th birthday, so we were working on thank you notes for her friends. For the first time ever, I got a thank you note. I was so happy that she was thoughtful enough to do this unprompted and that she really appreciated her gift. I’m working hard to hold onto the positive things; I spend too much time dwelling on the negative.

She needs a little work on her past tense

She needs a little work on her past tense

A birthday celebration complete with tools

J recently celebrated his 32nd birthday, and at certain milestones like this one, I always think back to how we met and how much things have changed.

We met when we were 18, and although we quickly became a couple, we were never the romantic type. I was trying to remember if we had ever gotten each other any classically romantic birthday (or any other holiday) gifts. When J turned 19, I bought him a nice pocket watch – he used to wear those a lot back then. He hasn’t worn them in years, and I’m not even sure what happened to it. One year, I think for Christmas, he got me a silver ID bracelet, which I still have.

I began thinking about this when I asked J what he wanted for his birthday – he said¬† a tool chest! This might be a perfectly normal gift for men who are handy, but J is not handy at all. Actually, he’s improved ever since we’ve become homeowners, but still not “tool chest” caliber.

The fact is, he didn’t really want a tool chest, it was more of a practical request. Well, he got his tool chest, but this just might mean that we’ve become old and boring. Maybe I should ask for a blender when it’s my birthday. Come to think of it, what we really need is a new vacuum …