Love in the D: Michael and Barbara’s Wedding

I’ve been co-blogging at Love in the D for several months and I wanted to share my latest post, featuring Michael and Barbara’s Detroit wedding. I’ve known Barb since she was about 7, so it was fun to interview her and see all her beautiful photos. If you were married in Detroit and would like to be featured on Love in the D, please let me know.


Love in the D

J and I got married in 2005 in the Detroit suburbs. At that time, I hardly had any experience with Detroit. I had rarely been there and couldn’t find my way around at all. We had a perfect wedding and I wouldn’t change anything, but now that I know Detroit much better, I’ve discovered that there are so many wonderful wedding options here. So, I was excited when I had the opportunity to write for Love in the D, a blog focused on local and socially conscious weddings. ┬áIf you’re planning to get married in the city, this blog is a great resource, featuring wedding venues, caterers, and info on real Detroit weddings. Be sure to check out my guest post on Love in the D with details on weddings at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit.


Photo from our suburban wedding in 2005